We are pleased to invite you and your project/innovative technology/product to participate in the selection of the best available nutrient recovery technologies and products for deployment/market uptake promotion of Nitrogen/Phosphorus recovery innovations.

All innovative Nitrogen and Phosphorus recovery technologies/products will be considered that

  • have already reached at least successfully completed TRL6  /IRL6 development maturity status and facing close to market uptake; and/or
  • already on the market and facing rapid market expansion and commercial deployment.

The significant ADVANTAGE AND BENEFIT for your participation is that in case you are selected in the contest, then we will jointly develop your practice abstract profile for official EC publication in EIP-AGRI common format to further support international marketing, deployment and market uptake of your technology and/or product. 

Selection criteria:

  1. transparent basic selection criteria for publication of innovative N/P recovery technologies/products an the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform
  2. selection criteria of the best 25 available technologies and products.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS your participation: Participation in the NUTRIMAN inventory is voluntary and free of charge. Your English language responses for this questionnaire will be treated internally and will not be publicized. For more information please check the enclosed INVITATION LETTER and Information Sheet.

PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION: During our work the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (April 28, 2016) of the European Parliament and of the Council applied and followed. Therefore, please carefully read the enclosed Information Sheet which describes how your personal data will be processed and handled. IMPORTANT: Please carefully read all enclosed documents.If you agree on participation in the NUTRIMAN Questionnaire please sign the enclosed Consent Form. Please do not submit filled Questionnaire without reading the Information sheet and providing your agreement with a signed Consent form (template enclosed). If you only sending the Questionnaire without a signed consent form we will accordingly erase all your data and can not processing your Questionnaire. Please do not provide personal data of third person without he/she is signing the Consent Form.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Send both the signed and scanned Consent Form and the filled in Questionnaire to NUTRIMAN coordinator Edward Someus: .

  • Deadline: Open

If you need any additional information related to the H2020 NUTRIMAN project or this Questionnaire please contact the project Coordinator Edward Someus: 

For detailed information please read the enclosed documentation.