NUTRIMAN is focusing on compiling knowledge and knowledge exchange of best practices and methodologies for innovative organic and low input farming in particular cost efficient and safe recovered N/P innovative fertilizer supply.

More in particular NUTRIMAN has the following specific objectives:

  1. To make an inventory of matured FP7/H2020/LIFE/OGs innovative research results in the field of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and nutrient recovery EU28 technologies, methodologies and products which are near to be put into practice, but not sufficiently known by large industrial agricultural practitioners and small scale famers.
  2. To evaluate innovative N, P nutrient recovery technologies and novel N, P fertiliser products and practices, both by experts and by the potential end-users (farmers, farmers associations, producers’ organisations).
  3. Dedicated and targeted communication to a various group of stakeholders to promote the action and results.
  4. To spread knowledge towards agricultural practitioners about the insufficiently exploited P and N recovery innovative research results with “ready for practice” performance:
    • To collect (at least 100) multi lingual (at 8 languages) practice oriented abstracts in EIP-AGRI form .
    • To develop of multi lingual (EN, FR, NL, DE, IT, ES, PL, HU) innovative fertilizer product application and training materials, audio-visual materials, info graphics for agricultural practitioners, farmers, farmers organizations and advisory services providers of Chambers of Agriculture.
    • To set up a multi lingual (EN, FR, NL, DE, IT, ES, PL, HU) interactive practice oriented NUTRIMAN web platform.
    • Providing cross-border knowledge exchange and organizing interactive dissemination and exploitation to agri practitioners and agri advisers.
    • Increasing the flow of practical information between farmers in Europe in a geographically balanced way through engagement of EU28 Network of Chambers of Agri and Producers Organisations and efficient networking with European networks (COPA-COGECA, EUFRAS).
  5. Increasing farmers awareness towards the revision of the Fertilisers Regulation policy. To organize legal/policy oriented education and training for farmers.

The NUTRIMAN objectives will contribute to large scale take up of the recovered Nitrogen and Phosphorus innovative fertilisers, produced from un-exploited resources of domestic organic or secondary raw materials in line with the circular economy model, and both economical and environmental/climate efficiently used by the agricultural practitioners under market competitive conditions.