Farmers Advisory Board (FAB) have been established to ensure an active involvement of key agri practitioners.The FAB consists of different farmer associations, farmers groups, Agricultural Chambers and Producers Organisations in the partners’ countries. 

The NUTRIMAN is working in close connection with the selected Farmer Advisory Board (FAB) who will support and advisory the implementation of the following tasks:

  • T2.2. Practice oriented evaluation and revision of collected technology data information.
  • T2.3. Practice oriented evaluation and revision of collected products.
  • T2.3. Practice oriented evaluation and revision of collected products and expert consultation.
  • T2.4. Evaluation of the reduced list of technologies and products by potential end-users: farmer consultation and identification of incentives and bottlenecks for adoption.
  • T2.5. Development of priority listof matured FP7/H2020/OGs innovative research results from the field of Nitrogen and P-recovery EU28 technologies and products.
  • Providing advisory work for WP3 Practice Abstracts in the common EIP-AGRI format and training materials and
  • WP5 Dissemination.

Invitation for "FAB" Farmers Advisory Board

Dedicated FAM members:

Name of the organisation Country

Name of the dedicated representative


The Belgian Nurserymen and Growers Federation Belgium Pieter Van Oost
The Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Processing (VCM) Belgium Marieke Verbeke
AOP CERAFEL, association of 6 organisations producers, representing nearly 2000 farmers, specialized in fresh vegetables France Maiwenn Bullier
SILEBAN, an experimental and development station for vegetable crops in Lower Normandy France Grovalle Patric
GAEC La Pibole, family farm France Maxime Moinard
Association des Producteurs de Fruits et Légumes du Sud-Oest (APFELSO), Association of 45 producers organisations and 10 management and defence organisations of fruits and vegetables France André Graglia
PLANETE Légumes, Experimental centre in the north-east France dedicated to vegetable crops. France Fabian Digel
Arable farmer Germany Bernd Kneer
Chamber of Agriculture North Rhine-Westphalia Germany Dr. Stephan Jung
Gut erenburg GbR, family business farm Germany Christian Münchhoff
Bioagricoop, non-profit organization Italy Riccardo Cozzo
Coldiretti Piemonte, Association representing farmers Italy Franco Parola
Confagricoltura, collective organization of farmers Italy Dr. Daniel Rossi
Assomela SC, Italian Association of Apples Producers Italy Giulia Montanaro
Finaf , First International Association Fruit Italy Lisa Martini
Lagnasco Group, Fruit Growner’s Cooperative Italy Davide Tolosano
ZLTO, LTO Netherlands Joris Baecker
Agricultural Advisory Centre (CDR Poland Marek Krysztoforszki
Asociación Valenciana de Agricultores (AVA-ASAJA), The Valencian Association of Farmers Spain José Francisco Sales Marqués
Farmer Spain Luis Francisco García Alonso
Unión de Campesinos Castilla Y León (UCCL), Farmers association Spain Jesús Lajo Moreno
Unión Regional de Cooperatives Agrarias de Castilla Y León (URCACYL), Association of agricultural, livestock and feed producer cooperatives of Castilla and León region Spain Jerónimo Lozano González
Associació d'Emprese de Fruita de Catalunya (AFRUCAT), Organisation of fruit companies Spain Manel Simon Barbero
Associacion de Organizaciones de Productores de Frutas y Hortalizas de la Región de Murcia (PROEXPORT-AOPFH), Association of fruit and vegetable producers organizations. Spain Abelardo Hernandez Martinez
COEXPHAL, The Association of producers and exporters of horticultural products from Almeria Spain Jan van der Blom
Agrozymes S.L. Spain Julio C. Matesanz
IDfel Val de Loire France Hugues Decrombecque