• Project Title: Nutrient Management and Nutrient Recovery Thematic Network
    (NUTRIMAN). Contract number: 818470
  • Programme: European Union Horizon 2020, RUR-15-2018, Thematic networks compiling knowledge ready for practice
  • Coordinator and nutrient recovery S&T senior project leader, main contact point:
    3R-BioPhosphate Ltd./ Edward Someus (biochar S&T senior engineer)
    Contact:, skype: edwardsomeus,
  • Objective: NUTRIMAN is a Nitrogen and Phosphorus Thematic network compiling knowledge of “ready-for-practice” recovered bio-based fertiliser technologies, products, applications and practices for the interest and benefit of agricultural practitioners. The project focuses on connecting market competitive and commercially “ready for practice” innovative results drawn from high research maturity applied scientific programmes and common industrial practices.

  • NUTRIMAN Abstract: Agriculture and food industry have a high dependence on resources in their production and strive for long-term sustainability. In this context, there is an urgent need to optimise resource use and smooth the transition to a knowledge-driven agriculture. Therefore, it is essential to spread knowledge and information about the insufficiently exploited N/P recovery innovations (technologies, products, practices) that are already commercially and market “ready for practice” to agricultural practitioners.
    The objective of NUTRIMAN is to improve the exploitation of these commercially and market ready-for-practice cases of N/P nutrient management/recovery potential that are not yet sufficiently known by practitioners. Our action will create new opportunities for farmers to develop connections between matured research results with market competitive and commercially useful results, and farming practice in the priority area of nutrient management and nutrient recovery. NUTRIMAN takes a bottom-up approach to identify incentives and bottlenecks for adoption and to prioritise technologies/products that will ensure greater willingness to utilise innovations and improve multiplier effects. The project targets large scale uptake of the recovered N/P innovative fertilisers, produced from unexploited resources of organic or secondary raw materials in line with the circular economy model, that are efficiently used by farmers from both economic and environmental standpoints.
    The NUTRIMAN project results will be effectively disseminated and exploited through a multilingual web platform,  multilingual abstracts in the EIP-AGRI format and best practice field demonstrations for farmers. As a result, this action contributes to the successful deployment of the vast reservoir of existing matured research results that already reached full industrial and market competitive commercial level on the N/P recovery theme.
  • Activities: The NUTRIMAN work plan consists of six coherently integrated work packages, containing clear, well defined and justified objectives to implement the project goals within 30 months. After project end, the NUTRIMAN project senior S&T manager Edward Someus will maintain and further develop the interactive SME practice oriented NUTRIMAN master web platform and the thematic network in 10 (ten) additional years between 2021 - 2031.
  • Project Partners: The NUTRIMAN consortium consists of 14 high quality partners and 4 associated partners from 8 countries. NUTRIMAN brings together innovation actors (farmers, Producer Organizations, advisors, applied researchers, businesses, Chambers of Agriculture, etc.) and helps to build bridges between matured research with commercially applicable results and practice.
  • Project Duration: 30 months, Starting date: October 1, 2018.

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