Workshops and technology demonstration events in Hungary: BioPhosphate product organic farming application

Farmers need to know the benefits of the bio-based fertiliser products. For ensuring better understanding from the famers' side how to better recovery N/P nutrients a series of intensive knowledge exchange workshops and demonstrations of practical tools and nutrient recovery practices organised in 3R Biofarm Agri Research Station in Hungary between May and August, 2021.

During these series of NUTRIMAN events the NUTRIMAN project and NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform introduced. NUTRIMAN and Bio-Phoshate ID192 video were shown and Edward Someus explained and presented ID192 and ID1571 products and ID193 technology. High attention paid to the cost/benefit and legal issues (MS national permits and link to EU 2019/1009 legislation) aspects of the new practices that are also highlighted in the Farmer Platform under each ID: ID192, ID193 and ID1571.

Specific attention made on biotechnological formulation practice of ABC-BioPhosphate (ID192) and different biochar products. The possibility for economical scale up scenario alternatives also highlighted. The specific objective of 3R Recycle-Recover-Reuse zero emission pyrolysis and phosphorus recovery key enabling technology (ID193) is the added value upgrading and valorisation of food grade animal by-products into safe and high value recovered Phosphorous fertilizer by integrated thermal and biotechnological recycling means. During the technology demonstration events the production of BIO-NPK-C bio-formulated products by innovative Solid Substrate Fermentation and Formulation Technology integrated into the 3R technology explained. The 3R Biofarm Agri Research Station laboratory visited where the two stages fermentation strategy (liquid and solid) and process applied for production of BIO-NPK formulated ABC-BioPhosphate presented and demonstrated to the farmers.