Workshop "The NUTRIMAN project & use of digestate products"


The  purpose of this Polish event (18 May, 2021)  was to present the work conducted in the NUTRIMAN project in the framework of the new EU regulation and the current national situation. During the training, the NUTRIMAN project, a platform for farmers and the new EU regulation on fertilizing products were presented. The first results of demonstration work about digestate (ID: 1665)  have been presented.

25 participants attended the workshop, including 5 Farmer advisors, 16 Farmers, 4 researchers

The following products/technologies were presented: ABC-Biophosphate (ID:192), Liquid and solid (dried) fraction digestate from manure and energy maize by "Agrogas" process (ID:264), High NP pelletized digestate from animal manure and organic waste digestate by "Arbio and NPirriK-project" process (ID: 270), Pellet organic fertilizer based on plant biomass digestate (ID:1665)

The following technologies were presented: 3 R Recycle-Reuse-Reduce zero emission pyrolysis technology for phosphorus recovery from food grade animal bone grist for production of Bio-Phosphate products (ID193)