Workshop on the Nutriman Farmer Platform in Italy


This was the first Italian national workshop (31 January, 2020) organized UNITO. After a general presentation of the project and of the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform made by Massimo Pugliese (UNITO) the vendors presented their products and technologies using slides on a computer connected to video projector and audio system. Furthermore an interactive presentation of the results of demo trials carried using some of the product selected by the NUTRIMAN project during 2019 has been done, and in particular on the trial carried out on cabbage.

The third product presented was the Bio-phosphate (ID:192) and it was presented also the production technology (ID:193). This presentation was made in English by Edward Someus (3R-BioPhosphate Ltd.) by using Skype. Massimo Pugliese (UNITO) made a live Italian translation of the English presentation in order to make it easier for participants to understand.