Where we are now?


The H2020 NUTRIMAN (www.nutriman.net) is a Nitrogen and Phosphorus Thematic Network (TN) compiling and sharing knowledge ready for practice of recovered bio-based fertiliser technologies, products, applications and practices. We are interconnecting matured and validated applied science results that reached high TRL technology readiness leveland farmers for the interest and benefits of the agricultural practitioners. The target groups of NUTRIMAN are primarily the farmers, users and practitioners.

In the first year of the NUTRIMAN the consortium made a detailed inventory of user driven FP7/H2020/LIFE/OGs innovative research results in the field of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and nutrient recovery EU28 technologies, products and methodologies which are near to be put into practice, but not sufficiently known by large industrial agricultural practitioners and small scale famers.

Almost 600 nutrient recovery projects - H2020, FP7, LIFE, Interreg, other national and international - identified and invited to be participated in the NUTRIMAN TN.

A specific questionnaire has been developed (https://nutriman.net/questionnaire) and circulated for the selection of the best available nutrient recovery technologies and products for deployment/market uptake promotion of Nitrogen/Phosphorus recovery innovations. We also requested mandatory written confirmation from the potential suppliers (consent form), to lawfully confirm legal status, personal data and acceptance of the NUTRIMAN conditions. The first evaluation of the received answers indicated that the majority of the EU research programmes are unbalanced and primarily focused to low TRL theoretical research actions and there remains an innovation gap. In this context only few RTD projects achieved scaled up and demonstrated with system prototype demonstration in operational environment at level around TRL7 or up; while the legal status of the “lawful marketing” as of the EU/MS regulation already scheduled and can be demonstrated for the user.

We have already started to collect practice oriented abstracts in EIP-AGRI form and practice-oriented knowledge including info sheets and training materials.

For transparent evaluation and selection of the best available nutrient recovery technologies and products a NUTRIMAN Farmers Advisory Board "FAB" has been set up. We have invited and selected qualified agricultural practitioners to participate in the NUTRIMAN "FAB".

What is upcoming 2019 end?

From October 2019, in the second project year, the first 25 practice abstracts with supporting info sheets and training materials will be visible on 8 languages on the Multilingual NUTRIMAN farmer platform (https://nutriman.net/farmer-platform). Furthermore, workshops will be held across Europe to reach out to farmers.