What is NUTRIMAN Thematic Network project?

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There is a growing market demand for safe food and renewable materials for competitive price. The market and user demands are increasing for improved resource, environmental and climate management, which require new agricultural technologies and products. The cost efficient and safe Nitrogen and Phosphorus supply is strategically important for the European agriculture. The EU agriculture sector strongly depends on external sources for the supply of key fertilisers and is characterized by regional imbalances. Phosphorus is a critical raw material, having high economic importance to the EU agriculture sector, which is associated with high product safety risks and high supply security risks.

The H2020 NUTRIMAN is a Nitrogen and Phosphorus Thematic Network (TN). Ready-for-practice knowledge on recovered bio-based fertiliser technologies, products, applications and practices will be shared with farmers and agricultural practitioners. NUTRIMAN interconnects matured applied science (Technology readiness level >7) and industrial practices.  The target groups of NUTRIMAN are primarily the farmers, users and practitioners.

NUTRIMAN ensures that agricultural practitioners already know, have tried and are applying such recovered products in practice, when the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation law harmonization is reaching implementation status by 2022. NUTRIMAN will collect and share at least 100 practice-oriented abstracts (in EIP-AGRI form) and training materials in the thematic area of N/P nutrient recycling/reuse will be placed on the NUTRIMAN-website in 8 languages for training purposes.