Webinar - Workshop on novel Technologies for the Products on Biofertilizers: an opportunity for the sector

ID 208 DAM Struvite

The webinar aimed to inform participants about the Nutriman project and to present the Farmers platform and relevant examples of the products and technologies it contains. Furthermore, this was the perfect opportunity to explain to farmers and fertiliser specialists how to search and find the information that the Nutriman farmer platform offers (e.g. the possibility to consult documents in the local language). Various products and technologies were presented and at the same time field demonstrations were presented highlighting the products presented, with a focus on the NUTRIMAN project (such as Struvite, Digestate & Alternative Biomass). Several technologies were also presented such as: (Phosphorus precipitation from multi organic wastes & Phosphorus precipitation from wastewater/sludge). 


The presented P/Ts were: