Webinar: The use of new recovery fertilizers in agriculture


The webinar (April 08, 2021) aimed to inform participants about the Nutriman project and to present the Farmers' platform and relevant examples of the products and technologies it contains. Furthermore, this was the perfect opportunity to explain to farmers and fertiliser specialists how to search and find the information that the Nutriman farmer platform offers (e.g. the possibility to consult documents in the local language, how to stay informed about the project and how to participate in giving their opinion through the different questionnaires provided). Several products that are part of field trials were presented, with a focus on the NUTRIMAN project (such as bio-phosphate, struvite, Ashdec®, compost, digestate....). In addition, a historical overview was given explaining the current situation in Europe regarding the regulation of fertilisation and recycling. At the same time the new European regulation 1009/2019 was explained in detail, which will be applied from July 2022. Finally, the results of demonstration trials were presented, which were conducted first in greenhouses and then in open fields with some products such as compost, biophosphate, Ashdec®, digestate and struvite.

The presented Ps were: