Webinar: Products recovered from secondary raw materials. A step towards the circular economy.

ID250 struvite

On June 22, DAM organized a webinar on struvite recovery from secondary raw materials and a demo session with field trials results and metabolic pathways for struvite absorption.

The webinar and the demo session aimed to aware about opportunities for nutrient recovery, show the NUTRIMAN project, share the content of the Farmers' Platform and distribute the mini-surveys on all the products and technologies collected.

During the webinar, all the struvite recovery technologies and products represented on the NUTRIMAN website were explained: ID: 207, 252, 256, 294, 208, 250, 251 and 293. During the introduction, NUTRIMAN video was shown and each of the speakers explained a technology. Finally, Ana Robles also explained the selection process and Sofía Grau went over the legal situation of struvite both in Spain and in other European countries.

The demonstration event, in the early afternoon, introduced the NUTRIMAN project. CEBAS and UNAV explained the absorption pathways of struvite, the differences with other forms of P-fertilizers and the results of the different struvite assays, both pot and field trials, comparing struvite with other fertilizers.