Webinar: Circular Fertilizers and soil improvers, from innovation to practice

ID292 Farm composting

ID292 Farm composting

The webinar (14 January, 2021) aimed to inform participants about the Nutriman project and to present the Farmers platform and relevant examples of the products and technologies it contains. Furthermore, this was the perfect opportunity to explain to farmers and fertiliser specialists on how to search and find the information that the Nutriman farmer platform offers (e.g. the possibility of consulting the documents in the local language). Different products and technologies which are part of demonstration field trials were presented with a focus on the NUTRIMAN project (such as ammonium nitrate/sulphate, mineral concentrate, liquid manure, ….) At the same time, composting technology was presented. The partners also explained the current situation in Europe regarding the regulation of fertilisation and recycling. The webinar was successful with approximately 250 participants.

The presented Products/Technologies were:

ID 596: Ammonium sulphate from pig manure by on-farm scrubbing the air from the stables.

ID 667:  Ammonium sulphate from co-digestion of corn silage, chicken manure and other biowaste by BENAS process.

ID280: Green compost from green waste by "IMOG" process (ID:280) 

ID 295:  Ammonium nitrate from liquid fraction of manure, digestate or other waste stream by "Detricon" process

ID 520: Mineral concentrate from pig/cattle slurry using belt press sieve and reverse osmosis processing.

ID 591: Urine from calves manure by “Geamix” separation at source.

ID 593: Mineral concentrate from pig slurry using belt press sieve and reserve osmosis processing.

ID 322: Urine from pig manure by “VeDOWS” adapted stable construction system.

ID 292: Technology for N&P recovery as compost starting from organic waste with from composting process.

ID271: Technology for N&P recovery as compost starting from vegetable, fruit and garden wastes with "IOK Afvalbeheer" anaerobic digestion and composting process

ID/P 272: Compost from green waste and pre-digested vegetable, fruit and garden wastes by "IOK Afvalbeheer" process