Webinar by CEMES CESAM and the Chamber of Agriculture: "Fertilisers: something new in France and in Europe"

Chambre de Agriculture webinar

Things are happening right now in the small world of fertilisers!

In Europe, a new fertilising regulation released in June 2019 should apply in July 2022. Therefore, several EU “Research and development” programs, including the NUTRIMAN project, are working to prepare for its installation, in particular with the use of fertilisers from by-products or residues.

France is planning to intensify the agronomic recycling of organic matter as part of its "circular economy" roadmap, and national regulatory changes are planned to make this policy of returning to the ground reality. To discover the links between circular economy and fertilising materials and furthermore better understand the world of "bio-sourced" fertilisers with the NUTRIMAN project, CEMES-CESAM and the Chamber of Agriculture are organizing a webinar "Fertilising materials: something new in France and in Europe" on Friday 27/11/2020 from 10 am to 11.30 am.

During the webinar, the NUTRIMAN project will be presented as well as its internet platform and several examples of products.

The participants' registration will be made by the CEMES CESAM from its network.