V4 Biochar & Nutrient Management/Recovery Thematic Network


An international workshop (May 20, 2021) has been organised by NUTRIMAN TN and V4 Biochar Platform. This international workshop has been dedicated for biochar applied research stakeholders and spin-off organisation with farmer enterprise focus, to demonstrate how to convert science into “ready for practice” farmer business. The NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform content and management explained and demonstrated with user opportunities. The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation (EU 2019/1009) and CMC14 case and status explained with linked technology/product as case demonstrations ID192, 1571 and ID193. Practical presentation of the Bio-Phosphate authority permit (6300/13393-2/2019) and applications of the Bio-Phosphate product made. NUTRIMAN content, networking and Farmer Platform explained and demonstrated with instruction where to find documentations. ASK NUTRIMAN service highlighted. The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation explained, with the new cadmium limit of 1.5 mg/kg, and the necessity of the substitution of the cadmium and uranium contaminated mineral phosphates, also soft rock phosphate that is often used in organic farming. Many questions raised about the practical application opportunities and the economics as well.

During the workshop the following presentations have been made:

  1. V4 Biochar Platform (Lukas Trakal)
  2. NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform (Edward Someus)
  3. NUTRIMAN EU Regulation Platform: New Fertilising Products Regulation and CMC14 pyrolysis materials (Edward Someus)
  4. Field application of biochar as well as biochar-based products in the Czech Republic (Josef Marousek)
  5. NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform biochar cases (Edward Someus)
  6. Biochar in practice in Slovakia (Jan Horak)
  7. Biochar conclusion (Lukas Trakal and Edward Someus)