Thematic training material for the use of precipitated calcium phosphate as fertilizer has been published


Precipitated calcium phosphate refers to a phosphorus-calcium rich product (Ca5(PO4)3OH) with a very low content of heavy metals. It is a white powder or granule fertilizer. 

Precipitated calcium phosphate is obtained by Ash2Phos technology. The process consists of 3 sequential steps: a first acidic step, a second alkaline step (where intermediate products are produced), and finally a conversion step where the intermediates are processed into final products. A clean precipitated calcium phosphate can be recovered from sewage sludge. More than 90% of P in the ash is recovered.



Examples for precipitated calcium phosphate products available on the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform: 

Typical nutrient content and availability for plants: 

The typical P concentration in precipitated calcium phosphate (Ca5(PO4)3OH)  is around 17%. Another nutrient present in this product is calcium. The calcium content in the final product is 35%. The heavy metals content is very low (Cd < 0.1 mg/kg).

Fields of application in agriculture: 

Precipitated calcium phosphate can be used in low input and conventional farming. The application dose is depending on type of soil, crop, etc. The product is recommended for open field cultivation and greenhouse.

The product is solid and has to be applied as other chemical fertilizers, by adapted machinery for applying small doses of fertilizers. The application is by preference before or at the moment of seeding/planting.

Benefits for farmers: The water solubility of precipitated calcium phosphate is low, but P is highly available as demonstrated by the high solubility in neutral ammonium citrate. It is already proven that phosphate is slowly released, the fertilizing efficiency is therefore high. It can be applied as such on the field (as root placed fertilizer or spread as granules with common equipment), or transformed to other phosphate fertilizers (MCP, DCP, MAP, DAP, etc).

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