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Livestock manure from housing usually contains high percentage of water which consist of  urine, spilt feed and drinking water as well as water for washing. During physical separation, most of water retains in the liquid fraction, together with the soluble nutrients including mineral N, orthophosphate, K, etc. This liquid manure can be used as a liquid organic fertiliser in agriculture. With post-treatments such as evaporation and membrane filtration, the nutrients in liquid manure can be concentrated and the volume can be reduced which saves the transportation cost. Additionally, acidification is used to reduce the GHG emission from liquid manure during storage, transportation and application. Normally liquid manure is injected or incorporated immediately into soil to reduce emissions. Due to the relatively low P and high mineral N&K, liquid manure has the priority to be used in regions rich in P or have restrictions on P application.


Examples for liquid manure products available on the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform

Typical nutrient content and availability for plants: 

Pig urine (ID 322) generally contains 3.28-3.80 g/kg N, 0.01-0.19 g/kg P2O5 and 7.86-10.92 g/kg OC

Calves urine (ID 591) generally contains 4.3 g/kg N, 0.1 g/kg P2O5 and 9.6 g/kg K2O.

Fields of application in agriculture: 

Liquid manure or urine is suitable as a NK fertilizer without being phosphorus limited. It can be used in organic or conventional farming and in open fields or greenhouses. Pig urine can be used in all crops, while calves urine is mainly recommended for grassland, arable crops and horticulture. The urine is nitrogen limited, meaning that max 170 kg N/ha can be applied. Due to the liquid composition field application and dose is easy to set.

Benefits for farmers: 

Liquid manure is a liquid organic fertilizer which can be used for several crops and in several types of farming. Due to the liquid composition field application and dose is easy to set. It barely contains organic components, is rich in mineral components and has a high N/P ratio. Once you have the stable system, you have a good fertilizer for free.

Furthermore, ID 591 is a potenital RENURE fertilizer in NL, which  means that it will no longer be defined as livestock manure in the Nitrates Directive and therefore the application will no longer be limited to 170 kg N/ha.

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