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ID192 BioPhopsphate

ID192 BioPhopsphate

Bio-Phosphate is above 750°C up to 850°C high material core temperature reductive thermal processed and bio-origin apatite mineral calcium-phosphate bio-fertilizer, which is in all cases made from food grade animal bone grist mono feed.

Bio-Phosphate is macroporosus structured and containing approx. 92% mineral and 8% carbon with above 30%  up to 36% P2O5 economically high concentrated nutrient density with controlled release formulations. Usual application dose: 200 kg/ha – 1,500 kg/ha.

Benefits: economically high nutrient density with low dose application rate, macroporosus structure that is enhancig soil mirobiological life, bio-fertiliser with controlled nutrient release performance, full material safety and high nutrient use efficiency at less cost. 

Examples for Bio-Phosphate  products available on the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform:

ID 192: 

The Animal Bone Char (ABC) Bio-Phosphate (ID192) is the only known comprehensive industrial technology, product system and original solution in the EU in the field of recovery of critical raw material Phosphorus from food grade animal bone grist.

The input material for ID192 Bio-Phosphate is food grade cattle- and other types of bone grist. This bone grist is previously pressure sterilized according to the conditions set up in EC No 1069/2009. The bone grist is delivered by EU/MS registered rendering plant.

This input material is processed by 3R Recycle-Reuse-Reduce zero emission pyrolysis technology (ID193) with above 750ºC material core temperature for at least 10 minutes conditions. ID192 Bio-Phosphate is a 1-5 mmm grain size granulated or powdered (0-1 mm fractions) product. The basic product having a nutrient content of >30% P2O5+ >38% CaO, 8% C but any BIO-NPK-C compound formulations as of user demands are possible.

The product is a fully safe and economical innovative fertilizer with primarily application in the horticultural organic/low input farming cultivations with combined beneficial and multiple effects.

Several open field and green house cultivation tests have been performed in IT, IL, HU, DE, NL, SI and DK under different temperate climatic and soil conditions. Both the 3R (Recycle--Reuse- Reduce) zero emission pyrolysis/nutrient recovery process and the Animal Bone Char Bio-Phosphate products are EU Authority permitted (6300/2407-2/2020).

Typical nutrient content and availability for plants:The processed Bio-Phosphate products contain high amount of Phosphorus (30%-36% P2O5) and Calcium (>37%) that are processed to be available for plants, which allows efficient, environmentally safe and renewable phosphorus supply.

Fields of application in agricultureID 192 Bio-Phosphate product is used at 0.2-1.5 t/ha according to soil quality, season and crop uptake. They could be used to improve the production of horticultural products, incl. fresh vegetables, strawberries, aromatic and medicinal plants, herbs, and spice plants, permanent crops (fruit crops), grapes, rice and tobacco, a.s.o.. The main application area is organic and low input farming but applicable in the conventional farming practices as well.

Benefits for farmers:

The apatite based animal bone char (BioPhosphate) calcium-phosphate with above >30% P2O5 content is renewable, pure and free from all contaminations and available in economically interesting industrial scale. There is no any other bio-substance on this Planet Earth which has such economically interesting high P2O5 concentration like BioPhosphate.

Bio-Phosphate cadmium levels are less than <0.1mg Cd/kg below detection limit, compared with the usual 30 to 200mg Cd/kg in P-rock imported from Morocco (approximately one-third of Europe’s supply).

Sustainable and renewable supply chain. Whereas mined mineral phosphate is a finite and non renewable resource, BioPhosphate comes from a sustainable and renewable by-product stream that is unexploited biomass.

The Bio-Phosphate having macroporosus structure, increases the soil water retention capacity and allows the development of microorganisms, retain nutrients and releasing them gradually over time.

Unlike processed conventional P-fertilisers, which is highly soluble and poses a pollution risk to inland waterways, it is possible to control the release of nutrients in Bio-Phosphate fertilising product so that a greater proportion is taken up by the plants.

Efficiency tests in different climatic and soil conditions showed that the BioPhosphate product can improve yields by >10% compared with any fertiliser on the market. 

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