Technical committee BKW: tour fertilization trials

PCS filed visit

A first field visit (22/06/2020) has been held this season and Nutriman was there. We demonstrated potted Acer campestre and Chrysanthemum where we replaced the common fertilisers with ashes and compost. A similar field with potted Acer campestre, where compost (ID 272) and coated fertilisers are used, was shown to the growers to illustrate the difference in growth between the fertilisers. The Chrysanthemums were at this time still too small for this purpose.

The growers concluded that the application seemed very easy since the fertilisers (ID 272, 401) can simply be mixed with the soil before potting the plants. However, there were some concerns about a good distribution within the batch of soil since so little ash (ID 401) is needed and the production of dust during application because of the powdery structure. We will do a soil analysis at the end of the demonstration trial to show the distribution of fertilisers (ash ID 401) in the pot to be able to cover this concern. In addition some growers were surprised that they could replace a large amount of synthetic fertilisers with compost (ID 272). These growers asked to be kept up to date if further events would be held at the end of the growing season and growth and quality measurements would be conducted. A total of 18 participants were present at this demonstration event, 12 of them were farmers.