Struvite fertilizers from secondary raw materials

On June 16th, DAM organized a morning webinar about struvite recovery from secondary raw materials and a demo comparing struvite with different fertilizers and the study of the metabolic paths for struvite absorption. The webinar and the demo aimed to inform participants about nutrient recovery needs and opportunities, to show Nutriman project and to share the Farmers Platform content and the mini-surveys about all the products and technologies it contains. During the morning webinar, there were explained two technologies and two products of struvite recovery: ID207, ID252, ID208 and ID251.

DAM made an introduction about NUTRIMAN, sharing NUTRIMAN video and presenting ID207 and ID208. Later on, Vicente Aguilera from canal Isabel II explained another way to recover struvite from wastewater, with ID252 and ID251.

During the demo event, in the afternoon, DAM made a new introduction on NUTRIMAN objective and website and UNITO and UNAV explained the how struvite is absorbed by plants, the differences with other forms of P-fertilizers and the results of struvite application field tests compared with other fertilizers.