Online workshop: “The NUTRIMAN project & new European Regulation Fertilisers "

AREFLH online workshop

Nutriman brings together information on fertilisers, technologies, applications and recoverable and biologically based practices.

Project partner AREFLH is organising on Wednesday 18/11/2020 at 16:00 this workshop to explain the NUTRIMAN project against the background of the current European situation on fertilisation and recycling, while the new European regulation, research and development projects will be explained with a focus on the NUTRIMAN project. During the workshop, products will be presented to introduce to our farmers and the benefits of this type of products will also be explained. We hope that thanks to the NUTRIMAN project the producers of natural fertilisers and soil improvers will be more easily recognisable on the market. In return, farmers will have products there are recognized at the EU level at their disposal.

Follow the link to read the full programme and participate in the workshop in the French language: