NUTRIMAN workshop on innovative technologies for obtaining biofertilizers

Last June 17, 2021, a new event took place within the activities developed in the NUTRIMAN project: "Workshop on innovative technologies for obtaining biofertilizers". Due to the restrictions of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 the event was held online, since in other circumstances it would have been held face to face, however, the event was recorded and can be watched on the project’s YouTube channel. Dolores Hidalgo, Head of the Circular Economy Area in CARTIF, explained the functioning of the Farmers' Platform and the mini-surveys as tools for information exchange between the different actors of the project. Subsequently, the event had a slot dedicated to struvite and technologies to obtain it by DAM and CARTIF, the presentations of this slot were made by the researchers Sofia Grau (DAM) and Francisco Corona (Cartif). Once struvite explanation was finished, the researcher Ana Robles from UGent presented other cases of success in N&P recovery. Finally, the researcher from Cartif, Lidia Garrote, explained the LIFE ALGAECAN technology for wastewater treatment from agri-food industry and the production of an algae-based biofertilizer. The presentation was followed by a virtual visit to the LIFE ALGAECAN demonstration plant so that attendees could see first-hand how it works.