The NUTRIMAN project & new European Regulation Fertilizers

The workshop (February 23, 2021) aimed to inform participants about the NUTRIMAN project and present the platform for farmers, as well as relevant examples of the products and technologies it contains. Furthermore, this was the perfect opportunity to explain to farmers and fertiliser specialists on how to search and find the information that the NUTRIMAN farmer platform offers. At the same time, we informed participants about the possibility of consulting the documents in the national language and not just downloading them. We also showed participants the mini-questionnaire of products and technologies and invited them to answer a mini-questionnaire. During the online workshop, several T/Ps were presented such as (ID 209), a Technology for N&P recovery as compost starting from green waste and pre-digested mixed-waste with “ACEA Pinerolese” anaerobic digestion and composting process & (ID 401), a PK fertilizer from the ash of poultry manure with “BMC Moerdijk” thermochemical process.

During this events Jean-Philippe Bernard presented the development of the new European legislation on fertilizer with a particular focus on France & presentation of this ID/Ps:

  • (ID 321) Ashes from natural wood chip under fireplace.
  • (ID 370) NPK organic fertilizer from poultry droppings with "SECONOV" dehydration process;
  • (ID/540) Compost from algae and cattle manure by local composting process.

For the last three ID/P Jean-Philippe Bernard presented the specific characteristics of these products and also the field tests that have been carried out on these products.