The NUTRIMAN project & the new European legislation on fertilisers produced by recycling

ID192 BioPhosphate

The workshop (January 12, 2021) aimed to inform participants about the Nutriman project and present the platform for farmers, as well as relevant examples of the products and technologies it contains. Furthermore, this was the perfect opportunity to explain to farmers and fertiliser specialists on how to search and find the information that the Nutriman farmer platform offers. At the same time, we informed participants about the possibility of consulting the documents in the national language and not just downloading them. During the online workshop, several T/Ps were presented such as (ID 193), a 3R Recycle-Reuse-Reduce zero emission pyrolysis technology for phosphorus recovery from food grade animal bone grist for production of Bio-Phosphate products & (ID 192), a High nutrient dense Bio-Phosphate products recovered from food grade animal bone grist with over 30% P2O5 content by "3R zero emission pyrolysis" process.

During this event Massimo Pugliese presented the development of the new European legislation on fertilizer & presentation of other IDs:

(ID 208) Struvite from wastewater by “PHORWater” process.

(ID 250) Struvite from digestate and manure by “REVAWASTE” process.

(ID 397) Calcium – Sodium – Phosphate from sewage sludge ash conversion with the “AshDec” process.

(ID 210) Compost from green waste and digested mixed-waste by “ACEA Pinerolese” process.

(ID 280) Green compost from green waste by “IMOG” process.

(ID 270) High NP pelletized digestate from animal manure and organic waste digestate by “Arbio and NPirrik-project” process.

Besides, has presented the results of some demonstration trials that were conducted using biofertilizers (ashdec, struvite, compost & digestate) selected from the Nutriman project. The demonstration trials were conducted in greenhouses and open fields. These trials were carried out on products such as tomatoes, lettuce, maize & cabbage.