NUTRIMAN project as an example of the circular economy at the Bioeconomy conferences organised by the Inbec project


Between the months of October and November 2020, Fundación Cartif has participated in a series of Workshops, given at a regional level and framed in the development of the Inbec project, which aims to identify the existing resources and agents in the sector of Circular Bioeconomy, and to promote the development of R&D projects and cooperation between Spain and Portugal, favouring the generation of knowledge and the development of biotechnological solutions for their incorporation into the market and the regional industry, in order to promote intelligent, sustainable and integrating growth.


During the 8 workshops that have taken place, Dolores Hidalgo (Head of the Circular Economy Area of Fundación Cartif) described the main objectives and results obtained so far by the NUTRIMAN Project. On the other hand, the technologies and products of greatest interest to the attending public were presented. In addition, Ms. Hidalgo explained the functioning of the Farmer Platform and its great importance as a tool for the exchange of information between the different actors of the project.