The NUTRIMAN project and the new European Fertilising Products Regulation

On 23 June 2021 the FEhS-Building Material Institute in collaboration with the Grünlandzentrum Niedersachsen and ZTLO from Netherland conducted an online Webinar. The webinar aimed to inform participants about the Nutriman project and to present the Farmers platform and relevant examples of the products and technologies it contains. In addition, this was an opportunity to explain to farmers and other experts how they can contact the NUTRIMAN project, look for and find information that the Nutriman farmer platform offers (e.g. the possibility to consult documents in the national language, asking questions or providing feedback on products and technologies). Various products and technologies were presented related to the NUTRIMAN project (such as nutrient recovery technologies for manure and digestate und mineral concentrates). In addition, the current situation in Europe with regard to the regulation of the use of fertilising products by the new EU fertilizer product regulation EU 2019/1009 and the possibilities of using recycled fertilizers in this context were discussed.

The presented P/Ts were:

ID 447: Technology for N & P recovery as hygienized fertilizers from liquid manure and digestate with two-stage Regenis process via in field dewatering and drying.

ID 466: Technology for N&P recovery as ammonia sulphate solution and P-concentrated sludge from digestate, manure and wastewater by TerraOrganic FFT&HEF system.

ID 453: Technology for N recovery as ammonium sulphate from recovered ammonia sulphate solutions by “TerraSaline S (ASL)” water extraction.

ID 295Ammonium nitrate from liquid fraction of manure, digestate or other waste stream by "Detricon" process.

ID 593: Mineral concentrate from pig slurry using belt press sieve and reverse osmosis processing.