Nutriman launched a farmer consultation and identification of incentives and bottlenecks for using recovered products and recuperation technologies

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NUTRIMAN use a bottom-up approach to identify incentives and bottlenecks for the adoption of recovered products/nutrient recuperation technologies. We would like to analyze the opinion of several individual farmers in order to identify the reasons that may hinder the implementation of recovered products and technologies in practice. Therefore, a series of questions have been created in order to identify incentives, bottlenecks and needs from farmers/end-users. The idea is to collect this information via an online survey.

We have prepared seven short questions for products (maximum time of 15 min) and seven short questions for technologies.

Participation in the online survey is voluntary. All final documentation and results of the survey will be in digital form, that we will be published on the NUTRIMAN web in anonymised.

We would like to invite you to take a part in our online survey and help our work.

The Farmer survey is available at 8 language on the following URL link: