Nutriman brings knowledge to BBB-West practice group

ID266 liquid ammonia sulphate

The main goal of the event (December 04, 2020) was to open the discussion about the applicability of alternative fertilizers which in this case was the liquid ammonia sulphate (ID: 266), mineral concentrate (ID:520) and several other kinds of fertilizers used in this region. 

The main questions farmers had considering the applicability of these fertilizers where: ‘When using the drag hose injector, in which alternative fertilizers are added to manure while on the field, is the use of fertilizers still necessary?’, ‘As arable farmer we have specific requests for fertilizers. While using a drag hose injector and alternative fertilizers can we manage the amount of nutrients brought to the field in any way?’ and ‘How much alternative fertilizer can you use when combining this with manure in a drag hose injector?’.

Discussing the answers to one of the questions stated above, the contract worker supplying the drag hose injector stated that they couldn’t specify how much fertilizer could be completely replaced while using this technique to apply alternative fertilizers. The question concerning the management of amount of nutrients which are applied to a field, the contract worker states that he can manage these very well. The technique has the ability to exactly measure amounts of alternative fertilizers measured. Lastly he answered the last question; the amount ratio of which is currently most used is about 75% manure and 25% alternative fertilizer. Depending on the fertilizer and it’s contents.  

In the event three dairy farmers and one arable farmer took part. The arable farmer opened the discussion about applying phosphor at the right time in the right place, so when the plant needs it. It would be a possibility to apply cow manure filtrate or pig manure filtrate with a smaller machine in a later time span, with precision in the potato backs.

Manure in this farm is used on the lands on which grains or grass is seeded. Another tip from one of the participators was the use of ammonia sulphate instead of fertilizers while hilling the potatos.

Two of the dairy farmers mainly had the same question about how they where going to be able to using alternative fertilizers to increase the quality of their protein in grass. They want to have more digestible protein in their grass.

To which one of the participants stated that the use of ammonia based alternative fertilizers would contribute to this. Because ammonia is not as easily available for the grass as an nitrate based fertilizer. And so more digestible protein is produced instead of the faster produced volatile protein.

Another option considered by two farmers was adding other additives to manure which claim to increase the efficiency of nutrients. For one farmer this was magnesium chloride and the other farmer used a product called Agrimest. Both of these products will be tested in the Brabant Bemest Beter project next year.

On beforehand of the discussion Rembert van Noort presented the changes in EU Fertilising Product Regulation considering fertilizers and the Potential RENURE criteria as proposed by the Joint Research Centre. And showed the group the Nutriman farmers platform and its products and technologies.