On March 15, DAM organized a day about nutrient recovery, with a webinar on nutrient recovery technologies and products such as struvite or algae in the morning and a demonstration event with the results of different agricultural application trials in the afternoon.

The webinar and the demo aimed to inform participants about nutrient recovery needs and opportunities, to show Nutriman project and to present Farmers platform and several examples of the products and technologies it contains.

During the webinar which took place in the morning, several products and technologies were explained:

P 208; T 207; P 256; P 250; P 255; T 253.

DAM (P13) gave an introduction about NUTRIMAN and presented struvite recovery from wastewater.

CARTIF (P9) presented how to recover struvite from manure and the recovery of algae from wastewater.

During the demo event at the afternoon three agricultural demonstation with P 208, struvite from wastewater by “PHORWater” process were shown.

DAM and CEBAS (external participant) showed the results from using struvite from DAM, either alone or in a combined fertiliser in order to improve its nutrient ratio.