Management of waste from farms and the agri-food industry, applicable legal regulations and new trends in waste disposal

ID192 BioPhosphate

The workshop was organized in collaboration with SGGW. The purpose of this event was to present to young farmers, students and scientists  the work conducted in the NUTRIMAN project in the framework of the new EU regulation and the current national situation.

During the webinar, legal regulations and safety requirements for the use of waste materials in agriculture were presented (EU laws on waste, Nitrates Action Programme, filed management using R10 method, Best Available Techniques (BAT) as well as information on the processing and use of organic waste and by-products.

111 participants attended the training. Including:

    • 31 Scientific Community (Higher Education, Research)
    • 80 Farmers

This very strong participation proves that young people are very interested in implementing technological innovations and caring for the environment.

The following products/technologies were presented:

  • ABC-BIOPHOSPHATE (ID:192/193),
  • GREEN COMPOST (ID:210/452);