The European project NUTRIMAN and the new frontier of fertilizers produced from recovery chains.

ID192 BioPhosphate

This was the second Italian national workshop (03 October, 2020) organized by UNITO. There were shown to farmers, farm advisors and agricultural practitioners ASHDEC (ID:397/398); ABC-BIOPHOSPHATE (ID:192/193); STRUVITE Revawaste (ID:250/258); STRUVITE Phowater (ID:208/207); COMPOST ACEA (ID:210/209); GREEN COMPOST (ID:280/279); DRIED DIGESTATE (ID:270/269) product, technologies and their farming application opportunities.  The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation was explained, with the new cadmium limit of 1.5 mg/kg, and the necessity of the substitution of the cadmium and uranium contaminated mineral phosphates. Unfortunately any practical questions raised about the practical application opportunities of P/T exposed. During this event Eriselda Canaj (AREFLH) presented in Italian the importance of the NUTRIMAN PROJECT for the farmers and role of AREFLH in the NUTRIMAN project. At the end of the event a participant presented his company of breeding crickets for animal feed and was interested in joining the NUTRIMAN project as cricket manure properly managed could constitute an interesting recovery fertilizer for the future. The NUTRIMAN QUESTIONNAIRE and the instruction to fill it correctly was sent to this company.