European Conference on R&I in the Fruit and Vegetable


The International workshop on the Mediterranean area aimed to inform participants about the Nutriman project and the Nutriman Farmer Platform for agriculture and addressed specifically the products and technologies of bisphosphate. This event was included in the European Conference on Research & Innovation in the Fruit and Vegetable Sector and the 2021 International year of fruits and vegetables. During this event, the coordinator of the project Edward Someus has presented the NUTRIMAN project and Farmer Platform for the Agriculture and the presentation of the ID192 & ID193 of Bisphosphate.

In addition, two other projects such as the Console project and OPEN FIELDS Innovation for AgriFood were presented in this webinar.  Prof. Davide Viaggi presented the Console project and the new contractual solutions. At the same time, he presented the case studies and some results of the two questionnaires that took place during the project. Finally, he presented some lessons learned such as (no standard recipes, importance of clear incentives, importance to legal context local & international etc.). Prof. Riccardo Valentini presented the OPEN FIELDS project and the new approaches in the tree carbon sequestration in Montere Farm: Tree Talker -carbon. He explained the concept of carbon neutrality, which means, too absorbed carbon from the outside and agriculture is the important element to this. The carbon neutrality (or close by) to the fruit production by using the balance of emissions and sequestration (particularity if biomass at final cycle is used for renewable energy). The producer Alberto Levi explained the value of the carbon credit has increased dramatically, helping to increase farmers' income. Thanks to tree talkers they have discovered that carbon sequestration is 12 tonnes per hectare. Measuring carbon sequestration is much simpler and more reliable than for chestnut trees or forests, simply because they are homogenous trees.

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