The European project NUTRIMAN and the new frontier of fertilizers produced from recovery chains.


ID208: DAM struvite

The following fertilzers were shown (December 5, 2020) to farmers, farm advisors and agricultural practitioners: ASHDEC (ID:397/398); ABC-BIOPHOSPHATE (ID:192/193); STRUVITE Revawaste (ID:250/258); STRUVITE Phowater (ID:208/207); COMPOST ACEA (ID:210/209); GREEN COMPOST (ID:280/279); DRIED DIGESTATE (ID:270/269) product, technologies and their farming application opportunities.  The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation was explainedand the necessity of the substitution of the cadmium and uranium contaminated mineral phosphates. The two types of STRUVITE (ID: 250/258; 208/207) and the related production technologies were presented by Francisco Corona from CARTIF and Sofia Grau from DAM. At the end of the presentations there was a moment of discussion concerning, in particular, the production technologies and the legislative situation of the two types of struvite presented.

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