Demo fertilization trials on vineyard in Italy by using recovering fertilizers from NUTRIMAN project. National preview on GREEN COMPOST and DRIED DIGESTATE from Belgium


ID270: Dried digestate

The following fertilizers were shown to farmers (2020-12-18), farm advisors and agricultural practitioners: ASHDEC (ID:397/398); ABC-BIOPHOSPHATE (ID:192/193); STRUVITE Revawaste (ID:250/258); STRUVITE Phorwater (ID:208/207); COMPOST ACEA (ID:210/209); GREEN COMPOST (ID:280/279); DRIED DIGESTATE (ID:270/269) product, technologies and their farming application opportunities.  The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation was explained. The GREEN COMPOST (ID:280/279), the DRIED DIGESTATE (ID:270/269) and the related production technologies were presented by Christophe Boogaerts of VLACO. At the end of the presentations there was a moment of discussion concerning the costs, the technology and the chance to export in Italy the fertilizers presented by VLACO.