Demo fertilization trials in Italy by using recovering fertilizers from NUTRIMAN project. Presentation of BioPhosphate (ID:192-193), Biochar (ID:1571) and Struvite (ID:208-207) directly by the vendors.

The first NUTRIMAN international workshop in the Mediterranean area organized by UNITO and addressed specifically on biophosphate, biochar and struvite. This event was launched as part of the Bioeconomy Day 2021 organized on 27th May 2021 by Cluster Spring. A presentation of the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform and a description of the P/Ts  was done by Massimo Pugliese (UNITO). The following fertilizers were shown to farmers, farm advisors and agricultural practitioners: Calcium Sodium Phosphate (ID:397/398); BioPhosphate (ID:192/193); Struvite Revawaste (ID:250/258); Struvite Phorwater (ID:208/207); Compost-ACM (ID:210/209); Green Compost (ID:280/279); Dried digestate (ID:270/269) product, technologies and their farming application opportunities.  The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation was explained. The BioPhosphate (ID:192), the Biochar (ID:1571) and the related production technologies were presented by Edward Someus of 3R-BioPhosphate Ltd. The Stuvite (ID:208/207) was presented by Sofia Grau from DAM. At the end of the presentations there was a moment of discussion concerning the production technologies and the chance to export in Italy the fertilizers presented by 3R-Biophosphate and DAM.