Demo event on farm composting at ILVO

ILVO compost site

During this successful demo event (10 September, 2019), 86 participants gathered a lot of information on composting and compost use.

The participants visited at the ILVO facilities:

  • the compost site of ILVO where they learned about the composting process and modalities.
  • The latest results of the Bopact field trial, including a treatment with and without compost, were presented.
  • There was also information provided on erosion control by compost use.

The participants visited every stop in small groups. Every stop included 15 minutes of information by an expert and demonstration of the technology and results, followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers. Most of the participants were only limitedly familiar with composting practices (ID292), and there were many questions on composting analyses, legislation on compost use, importance of composting practices, N and P in compost. Answers were given by the experts but also discussed in the small group.