The contribution of the European network NUTRIMAN to the sustainability of agricultural systems and to sustainable crop protection.


During this online event carried out on 1st – 2nd July 2021 by AISSA, Massimo Pugliese (UNITO) presented the NUTRIMAN project to a group of 100 participants, consisting mainly on scientific community members. During this event the NUTRIMAN farmer platform was presented. They were presented also some products used in the demo trials carried out in Italy during the project such as Bio-Phosphate (ID:192), Struvites (ID:250-208), Compost (ID:210-280), Dried digestate (ID:270), Calcium Sodium Phosphate (ID:398). Finally there were also presented the results of some demo pots and demo field trials to the audience, with special focus on the suppressive effects of the tested fertilizers, deriving from circular economy processes, against plant pathogens.