BioPhosphate product organic farming application

Bio-Phosphate workshop

Between January and September in 2020 several workshops organised in Hungary by 3R-BioPhosphate Ltd. in cooperation with MEGÉR-TÉSZ PRODUCER ORGANISATION „PO”, which is one of the largest association of farmer producers for processing and marketing their products. This PO is strengthen the collective bargaining power of farmers by (1) concentrating supply, (2) improving marketing, (3) providing technical and logistical assistance to their members, (4) helping with quality management and (5) transferring knowledge, therefore this PO platform is high efficient to share and present the nutrient recovery best practices and training materials published on the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform for consultative bidirectional communication and dissemination.

During the workshops oral and poster presentation made by Edward Someus on the NUTRIMAN project, NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform, Bio-Phosphate product (ID192) and 3R technology (ID193) with extensive range of appealing end-user materials to the participants. The Producer Organisation farmers and farm advisors are a trusted dissemination channels with high potential to wide range increase the flow of practical information between farmers and achieve greater user acceptance of the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform published products, technologies and practices.

Practical presentation made of ID192 Bio-Phosphate authority permit (6300/13393-2/2019) and applications opportunities of the biotech formulated Bio-Phosphate product for organic farming use. The participants informed on where they find training documents (ID192 &, ID193 Info sheets, training materials, info graphics) on the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform both in English and Hungarian languages. Many practical questions raised about the practical application opportunities and the economics as well. The most important Question and Answers alerady published in the NUTRIMAN FAQ section.

During the workshop the farmers educated to more clearly understand the content of the new EU regulation policy. The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation explained, with the new cadmium limit of 1.5 mg/kg beyond Julay 16, 2022, and the necessity of the substitution of the cadmium and uranium contaminated mineral phosphates, also soft rock phosphate that is often used in organic farming before.