2020 Farmers' Assessors Course: "Nutriman Project - Recovery of Innovative Technologies

ID 256 Pilot plant

On 24th and 26th November and 1st, 3rd and 15th December the 2020 Farmers' Advisers Course took place. This course is organised every year in order to train the technicians who work every day advising the farmers and livestock breeders who are members of the cooperative. This year, due to the SARS-CoVID-19, instead of being face-to-face it has been done on-line.

During the training days, topics such as "Areas vulnerable to contamination with nitrates of agricultural origin", "Livestock and climate change", among others, were discussed. During the 4th day of the course the presentation of the NUTRIMAN project took place.

The event aroused great interest as there was a virtual tour of the CARTIF facilities, where the pilot plant of the ID:256 Technology could be seen “Technology for P recovery as struvite starting from pig manure digestate with fluidized bed crystallization system”. The presentation was given by CARTIF researchers María González, Francisco Corona and Borja Aguilar.