Webibar: The NUTRIMAN project & the new European regulation on fertilizers

December 03, 2020

The objective of this workshop was to inform the participants about the Nutriman project and present the platform for farmers to allow them to get to know the products and technologies present inside & at the same time explaining how to search and find the information that the Nutriman farmers' platform offers. Likewise, we informed the participants about the possibility to consult the documents in the national language and not only to download them.

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Chambre de Agriculture webinar

Webinar by CEMES CESAM and the Chamber of Agriculture: "Fertilisers: something new in France and in Europe"

November 26, 2020

Things are happening right now in the small world of fertilisers!

In Europe, a new fertilising regulation released in June 2019 should apply in July 2022. Therefore, several EU “Research and development” programs, including the NUTRIMAN project, are working to prepare for its installation, in particular with the use of fertilisers from by-products or residues.

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AREFLH online workshop

Online workshop: “The NUTRIMAN project & new European Regulation Fertilisers "

November 17, 2020

Nutriman brings together information on fertilisers, technologies, applications and recoverable and biologically based practices.

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