Where we are now?

In the first year of the NUTRIMAN the consortium made a detailed inventory of user driven FP7/H2020/LIFE/OGs innovative research results in the field of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and nutrient recovery EU28 technologies, products and methodologies which are near to be put into practice, but not sufficiently known by large industrial agricultural practitioners and small scale famers. Almost 600 nutrient recovery projects - H2020, FP7, LIFE, Interreg, other national and international - identified and invited to be participated in the NUTRIMAN TN.

Introducing the Coordinator

Edward Someus, coordinator of NUTRIMAN thematic network

The NUTRIMAN Consortium consists of 14 high-quality partners and 4 associated partners from 8 EU countries: 9 research organisations; 3 industrial partners; 4 Chambers of Agriculture; 1 Farmer organisation and 1 non-profit organisation. Every week, one of the partners in the NUTRIMAN thematic network will be introduced via an interview, starting with Edward Someus from Terra Humana Ltd.