How to connect your technology or product to the Farmer Platform?


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Are You a Vendor or an innovative company and You have developed market-ready innovative phosphorous/nitrogen recovery technologies/products which are already in matured phase (>TRL6) and “ready for practice”?

Are You a researcher at University/RTD organisation and you are involved in novel technology and product development driven applied Research & Innovation actions where your consortium is developed innovative phosphorous and nitrogen recovery technologies and products which are already in matured phase (>TRL6) “ready for practice”? EU FP7, H2020, LIFE, Interreg or other national/international programme result interlinks are most welcome.

The NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform is providing extensive dissemination support opportunity in European dimension, and You are most welcome to join. This Farmer Platform is a continuously expanding free thematic database that will be evolutionary maintained for long term up to 2031. Connection of the Farmer Platform is free of charge.

Innovative products and technologies will be online published via a harmonised product and technology pages. For more information how to set up a specific and unique technology and product pages please visit the following URL links:

How to submit product and technology to the Farmer Platform? We have prepared a detailed information package containing guideline, templates and helping you to prepare and submit your application to the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform.

The products and technologies shown in the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform is continuously expanded and open database as soon your submitted technology/product meet all the criteria mentioned in the enclosed transparent basic selection criteria document, which collection is open public for your technology/product. We encourage all vendors to submit any multilingual and more detailed practical info related to its own technologies/products, that NUTRIMAN is directly and “as received” linking to Farmer Platform web page.

How we select? We enclosed the

  1. transparent basic selection criteria for publication of innovative N/P recovery technologies/products an the NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform
  2. selection criteria of the best 25 available technologies and products.

How to submit your application? Please send your application to the NUTRIMAN Coordinator e-mail: Edward Someus/3R-BioPhosphate Ltd.

Deadline: This call is continuously open during the NUTRIMAN project duration


Technology readiness levels (TRL):