“FAB” Farmers Advisory Board

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the NUTRIMAN Farmers Advisory Board "FAB", which is aiming the selection of the best available nutrient recovery technologies and products for market uptake and commercial deployment promotion of Nitrogen/Phosphorus recovery innovations that are either in “close to market” status or already on the market and facing rapid market expansion.

Targeted FAB members: farmers, farmer association, farmers groups, Chamber Agri, Producer Organizations and other agri expert stakeholders from the EU countries with market competitive agri industrial operational experience and knowledge.

ROLE of NUTRIMAN FAB: The NUTRIMAN will work in close connection with the selected Farmers Advisory Board (FAB) members. The NUTRIMAN FAB will act as a consulting and advisory Board to affect and impact on the implementation of the following specific tasks:

  • Practice oriented evaluation and revision and expert consultation of the collected innovative N/P recovery technologies and products data information.
  • Evaluation of the reduced list of technologies and products: identification of incentives and bottlenecks for adoption.
  • Development of priority list of matured FP7/H2020/OGs innovative research results from the field of Nitrogen and P-recovery EU28 technologies and products.
  • Providing advisory work for Practice Abstracts in the common EIP-AGRI format and training materials and
  • Dissemination and exploitation.

Benefits and advantages for participation in the NUTRIMAN Farmers Advisory Board: While Advisory Board members contributing with practice values to the project, vice versus in return the project is also providing them and their members high added value information as well, such as about new technologies, products and most importantly about all the aspects of the Circular Economy Fertilizers Regulation revision EC law harmonization latest status.

Condition of your participation in FAB:

  • Participation in the NUTRIMAN FAB is voluntary and free of charge.
  • As the NUTRIMAN project budget is low, no direct financial remuneration is possible. The NUTRIMAN Farmers Advisory Board is mainly operating digitally online. Concerning travels, this is to be noticed, that in most cases time saving webinar communication will be managed, and the project partners are visiting the Farmers Advisory Board members at their sites, so no travel is required from the FAB members.
  • Working language: English.
  • The organisation and name of the representative of the NUTRIMAN FAB will be published on the NUTRIMAN website (https://www.NUTRIMAN.net).

Personal data protection: During our work the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (April 28, 2016) of the European Parliament and of the Council applied and followed. IMPORTANT:  Please  do  not  submit  the  filled  Expression  of  Interest  form  without  reading  the Information sheet and providing your agreement with a signed Consent form. If you only send the Expression of Interest without a signed consent form we will accordingly erase all your data and not processing your Expression of Interest. Please do not provide personal data of third person without he/she is signing the Consent Form.  

Submission requirements:

  • One package of signed and scanned Content Form, Your Expression of Interest, and your CV, - to be sent to the email address of the Coordinator: Edward Someus, biochar@3ragrocarbon.com
  • Subject of your application:  Application for "NUTRIMAN" FAB.
  • Deadline for sending back the application: March 15, 2019

For detailed information please read the enclosed documentation.