Public Deliverables

Attachment Size
D2.1. Collection of FP7/H2020//LIFE/OGs/national innovative research results 2.88 MB
D2.2. Practice abstracts: approx. 40-50 technology practice oriented evaluation and revision of collected data information. 1012.71 KB
D2.3. Practice abstracts: approx. 40-50 practice oriented evaluation and revision of collected products and short list for Task 1.24 MB
D2.4. Report on Farmers’/growers’ incentives and bottlenecks 1.47 MB
D2.5. Priority list 25 selected best practice abstracts 730.77 KB
D3.1. Delivery of 80-100 of practice abstracts in the common EIP-AGRI format 886.43 KB
D3.2. Delivery of 25 selected best practice abstracts booklet 478.03 KB
D3.3. Delivery of innovative fertilizer product application training materials 1.21 MB
D4.1 Report on demonstration of NP recovery technologies, products and best practices at 9 partners 21.22 MB
D4.2. Report of the outcomes of the national 60 workshops 3.15 MB
D4.3 Report on knowledge 12 exchanges 824.33 KB
D4.4 Report of the outcommes of the 7 international workshops 3.1 MB
D4.5. Report on the outcomes of international 1 conference 2.89 MB
D5.1. Updated plan for dissemination and exploitation during mid-term report 827.3 KB
D5.2. A record of activities related to dissemination and exploitation 1.89 MB
D5.3. Final report for 6 Online training webinars 4.37 MB
D5.4. Final report on the Multi-lingual NUTRIMAN web platform 2.57 MB
D5.5. Final report on the overall dissemination and exploitation process and results 2.22 MB
D6.1. Detailed communication plan 1.32 MB
D6.2. Mid-term review of all completed, ongoing and planned communication 903.75 KB
D6.3. Final report of all completed communication activities 3.87 MB
D7.2. Data management Plan 277.59 KB
D7.9. Final Report 557.17 KB