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General information

ASK NUTRIMAN: if you have any question or information about nitrogen and phosphorus recovery technologies, recovered fertiliser products, applications, user and/or commercial market aspects or you would like to share with us your experience and knowledge we are very much open for your voice. The most interesting interactions will be highlighted anonymously in the NUTRIMAN FAQ section.

  • Do you have you any general questions on the NUTRIMAN Thematic Network?
  • Do you have any specific questions related to any technology and/or product published on the Farmer Platform? In that case please clearly refer to the ID number on the Farmer Platform and ASK NUTRIMAN.
  • Would you like to share your innovative nitrogen/phosphorus recovery technology with the farmers?
  • Would like to inform your research needs from practice towards the scientific community, including sharing your field practice experience and knowledge that you developed?

Please feel free to contact to the NUTRIMAN consortium by filling this webform. We are open for collaboration with you. NUTRIMAN is facilitate your contact, cooperation and exchange of information with farmers, researchers, technology providers and advisors.