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The agriculture and food industry sectors have a high dependence on resources in their production and they are striving for long-term sustainability. In this context, there is an urgent need to optimise resource use and make a transition towards knowledge-driven agriculture, which meet the new requirements of the Fertilising Products Regulations beyond 2022.

NUTRIMAN is a Nitrogen and Phosphorus nutrient management and nutrient recovery thematic network (, which is supporting the need to spread knowledge and network information towards agricultural practitioners about the insufficiently exploited innovative N/P recovery research results (technologies, products, practices) with market ready maturity. The project objective is to improve the exploitation of the novel N/P nutrient management/recovery potential for the ready-for-practice cases, which are still not sufficiently known by practitioners and market players. The demand-driven innovations for agriculture-related to crop production are “ready for practice” and commercial market introduction, that is supporting the interest and benefits of the users and farmers.

The NUTRIMAN operational field is covering successfully completed high research maturity innovation results with post research and prior commercialization status only, e.g. beyond the successfully completed TRL6 technology readiness level and towards TRL9 full industrialization.

The recovered N/P innovative fertilisers are hosted in the NUTRIMAN web Farmer Platform ( and are being produced from un-exploited resources of organic or secondary raw materials are in line with the circular economy model. All the nutrient recovery product and technology innovations are demonstrating full compliance with the new EU Fertilizing Products Regulation EU 2019/1009, which will be fully implemented from July 16, 2022, linked to EIP-AGRI and ensure larger willingness to adopt innovations and improve multiplicator effects.

In this booklet practice abstracts of 25 matured N & P recovery technologies and products, selected from over 100 matured N & P recovery technologies and products from the existing matured research results in the EU27, are presented at 8 languages.

The NUTRIMAN collected matured products and technologies were evaluated and selected by experts, potential end-users and by the Farmers Advisory Board (FAB), applying criteria mainly concerning the nutrient quality/efficiency, input material, and price/cost.

This booklet also containing NUTRIMAN Farmer Platform web link information and titles in 8 languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, NL, HU, PL) of all matured products and technologies NUTRIMAN identified so far and highlighted on the Farmer Platform.

The NUTRIMAN actions will continue for long term and services will be available up to 2031.


The NUTRIMAN booklet reuse and reproduction are authorised provided the source is acknowledged. For any use or reproduction of photos written permission must be sought directly from the vendors.
Disclaimer: The content of this booklet refl ects the products/technologies vendors view and content only. The Agency, the Commission and the NUTRIMAN consortium are under no any circumstances responsible for the content and/or any use that may be made of the information it contains. The NUTRIMAN consortium collected the information about technologies and products to the best of their knowledge and belief. Any damage or claims arising from the use of technologies or products are on the sole responsibility of the vendors or producers. In all cases the comprehensive EU and/or the Member State regulations for lawful processing, applications and labeling have to be applied.

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